06 May 2024 Norway

Isolation Tech Day: explore the latest advancements and solutions in isolation technology.

Engagement, innovation, and dependability are our values, and we constantly look for ways to live those.

With a new Aberdeen office and Lynne Lyon, Sales Manager UK, joining the team earlier this year, we wanted to create an opportunity for the local Aberdeen market to focus on isolation technology. The Isolation Tech Day was born!

Hosted by Izomax, in collaboration with IKM Testing and Valvetight, this event, on Thursday, June 13th, at the Chester Hotel, Aberdeen, aims to open the floor to discussion on the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of isolation technology.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies

At the core of Isolation Tech Day are the presentations and demonstrations showcasing cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing isolation practices. Representatives from Izomax, Valvetight, and IKM Testing will share their respective innovations, offering insights into the practical applications and benefits of their solutions.

·Lynne Lyon and Svein Tore Milwertz from Izomax will present “Impossible Isolations: Maximizing Maintenance Efficiency with the AOGV”.

·Jeroen Pronk from Valvetight will share “Double Block and Vacuum: Safe Working Behind Leaking Valves with Valvetight DBB-SAVER.”

·Barry Andrews from IKM Testing will present “IKM Testing’s Safe Freeze ® Isolation Technology”. 

The speakers will also take part in a collective panel discussion, where pertinent topics and questions will be addressed by both the facilitator and the audience. This will give everyone an opportunity to engage in the topic and discussion.

Engaging Experiences

Beyond presentations, Isolation Tech Day gives everyone the opportunity to connect in person with demonstrations and manned stalls. Attendees can learn more about the technologies showcased, gaining a deeper understanding of their functionalities and track record in the UKCS and globally.

Fostering Collaboration and Networking

A key component of the day is networking. Whether discussing best practices, exploring potential collaborations, or simply exchanging insights, we hope everyone will have ample opportunities to connect with peers and local industry experts.

Looking Ahead

As hosts of Isolation Tech Day 24, Izomax, IKM Testing, and Valvetight are committed to driving continuous improvement and innovation within the energy sector. With ageing assets in the North Sea, safe isolation continues to play a critical role. By facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration, we aim to ensure everyone is up to date on the technology available and the benefits it can deliver to their operations. 

Join Us

Isolation Tech Day will be an informative, insightful, and engaging experience for all attendees. So, we invite you to save the date (June 13th) and join us at the Chester Hotel in Aberdeen as we look to shape the future of isolation technology.