Tie-ins & Decomissioning

Tie-in operations typically cover planned modifications on production systems or utilities and in most cases, common practice involves full or partial system shutdown. Where possible, tie-in work is scheduled to coincide with a planned shutdown, allowing for improved planning and minimizing downtime. However, in many instances Shutdowns or Turnarounds are planned at 4 yearly intervals; a frequency which may not fit the tie-in requirement and lead to severe commercial impacts on the project.

Where tie-ins are connected via pre-installed blind flanges, or where existing spools are to be replaced with tie-in branches, the AOGV mechanical isolation system can be an attractive alternative.

Izomax has successfully executed tie-ins on utilities and production systems outside of shutdowns using our mechanical isolation system.

In a recent study for a Norwegian customer, a platform tie-in was evaluated resulting in a step change for tie-in planning; the tie-in would not require any downtime or system shutdowns utilizing the AOGV positive isolation system.


The AOGV provides positive isolation without any physical modifications or
lasting impact to the process plant.