Izomax technologies and services play a key role Downstream, where planned or unplanned maintenance and interventions are almost always safety critical.

Refineries and petrochemical plants are complex with a wide range of chemicals, pressures and temperatures all playing a part in planning and executing shutdowns, turnarounds and outages whilst minimizing operational impact. The AOGV mechanical isolation system covers a wide range of physical and chemical environments, allowing more system uptime.

Izomax has risen to the challenge helping Downstream customers, in a recent example utilizing the AOGV we replaced passing valves on a heating system in an unplanned intervention, without the need for a shutdown. Whether your challenge is efficient valve or flow line replacement, taking heat exchangers offline for chemical cleaning or allowing tank or vessel repairs without interrupting plant processes – Izomax has the capability to maximise your uptime and cashflow.

Talk to our team to discuss alternatives to Hot Tap Line Stoppling. Izomax offers a well proven substitute to hot work and shut-downs in the downstream segment.


The AOGV provides positive isolation without any physical modifications or
lasting impact to the process plant.