Our vision at Izomax is to keep our customer’s processes flowing, enabling safe execution of planned or unplanned maintenance and modifications – without downtime.

Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to our employees, customers and key stakeholders relies on robust processes, and is underpinned by our ability to continuously deliver safely.

The Izomax management system describes our company strategy and holds our governing documents, policies, procedures and supporting information. HSSE and quality are the keys to our success, wherever we work.

Our business management system is built around and certified to ISO 9001. We work according to ISO 45001 guidelines – our HSE system (and other Company information) is registered and detailed in the Magnet Joint Qualification system in Norway. Izomax has strict processes embedded in our management system, ensuring that every project has an auditable trail from end to end.

At Izomax:

  • We stop work whenever we encounter potential unsafe situations
  • We communicate and record improvement opportunities as well as incidents
  • We take the well-being of our employees, customers and all stakeholders seriously
  • We track our HSSE and quality performance against our KPI’s to enable continuous improvement