10 June 2024 Norway

Employee Spotlight – Lynne Lyon

As we gear up for the Isolation Tech Day in Aberdeen this week, we’re excited to continue our Employee Spotlight series.

Today, we invite you to an insightful conversation with Lynne Lyon, the driving force behind Izomax’s Sales in the UKCS market. If you’re attending the Isolation Tech Day this year, be sure to connect with Lynne to discover how our innovative solutions are transforming the UKCS region. She’ll be delighted to meet you.

Tell us about your background and how you entered the oil and gas industry. Can you share some insights into your role as the UK Sales Manager for Izomax?

I joined the oil and gas industry as an economics graduate, initially in an operations role for a specialist engineering company that delivers innovative downhole solutions to the global drilling sector. I was so taken by the technology that it was only four months later that I joined the Sales team and developed into the Regional Account Manager for the UK and Europe.

Now solely focused on operations above ground level, I’m delighted to be working at the helm of innovation once again. Izomax is an exceptional technology making a positive impact in the global maintenance, turnaround and intervention sector delivering efficiencies and cost savings to its users. I spread the word about all the excellent work we’re involved in and, more so, listen to and really understand the challenges that customers are facing so we can deliver safe, robust, and durable solutions.   

With Izomax recently opening an office in the UK, how do you foresee this strategic expansion enhancing your ability to serve the UKCS market and drive business growth in the region?

We’ve built a strong track record within the UKCS market, and having a regional presence here in Aberdeen, in the heart of the oil and gas market, is a fantastic next step. Complemented by workshop space, there are already plans afoot to deliver our first AOGV demonstration day, which will bring together many of the UKCS market players under one roof and further make our mark.
I look forward to sharing more details soon and with significant projects already in discussions, I am excited for the future.

Given the critical importance of safety in managing ageing assets in the North Sea, how does Izomax’s AOGV mechanical isolation system enhance safety protocols and ensure the integrity and longevity of these vital infrastructures?

The safe and successful execution of the AOGV technology starts long before the actual operation. Our close-knit team of operations, engineering and commercial departments work closely to understand the operating environment and the challenges presented so that a safe and robust solution is delivered. We take great pride in delivering autonomy to the maintenance sector, as the AOGV can be operated without disrupting process flow, offering flexibility to schedules so that critical intervention and shutdowns needn’t be postponed, reducing the risk of unwanted incidents while increasing asset uptime.

Izomax is co-hosting Isolation Tech Day next week in Aberdeen, an event featuring presentations and live demonstrations of cutting-edge isolation technologies. As a speaker for Izomax at this event, what key messages will you highlight?

We’re extremely excited to host Aberdeen’s inaugural Isolation Tech Day alongside collaborators Valvetight and IKM Testing this Thursday, June 13th, 2024. Izomax and speakers will share insights into their latest technologies, showcasing alternatives to hot tap and stopple. The event will include notable use cases of each isolation technology and how each company is pushing the boundaries to deliver safe and efficient solutions to the market. It will be a great chance to network with a live panel discussion addressing market challenges and questions.  

In a market where downtime can result in significant financial losses, how does Izomax differentiate itself from competitors in terms of providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for maintenance and repairs in the UKCS?

To reiterate, I really do think the power of delivering greater autonomy to operators’ schedules is what places Izomax ahead of the rest. Time is of critical importance, and being able to carry out critical intervention when you need it, outside of turnaround schedules, means that risks can be avoided and system integrity upheld. The AOGV is a solution that leaves the pipe as found, so you also avoid the timely and costly implications that come with traditional solutions.
Izomax are making the impossible, possible and is changing the way the industry approaches critical intervention scopes and the story doesn’t end there. We are delivering the real-time savings for tie-in and decommissioning scopes, mirroring the ever changing needs of the industry.