The Midstream segment is a critical element in the energy industry. Planned or unplanned interruptions around storage facilities, transport and distribution systems can have a devastating impact on Oil & Gas distribution – and cashflow.

Izomax can engineer solutions to assist whether the challenge is aging infrastructure or safely mitigating gas freeing. Our systems have been successfully used across the midstream space, including:

Oil lines, where pressures are often moderate and pigging operations can be frequent, the AOGV mechanical isolation system can be utilised on branch line maintenance as well as large isolation valve maintenance or replacement around pig traps.

Pigging operations often lead to valve wear. Our solutions can be applied to enable operational continuity where pig trapdoors cannot be safely opened.

Tank farms now have the possibility of replacing valves utilizing the AOGV mechanical isolation system without freeing the gas volume. Izomax has been chosen as the only solution to safely replace valves in a concrete cavern without gas-freeing, meeting all legislative requirements for the intervention.

Tank entry is a midstream concern, from both a safety and cashflow perspective. Izomax has the engineered solution for spading off tanks for safe entry without the need to shut down an entire system.

Izomax have successfully handled projects on high pressure gas pipelines, where hot tapping and line stoppling and other traditional approaches could not meet the intervention requirements without a major interruption to operations and downtime on the transportation system. The AOGV mechanical isolation system successfully allowed the valves on the procuring pipeline to be changed without major interruptions.


The AOGV provides positive isolation without any physical modifications or
lasting impact to the process plant.

Case studies

Case study

AOGV solves onshore HSSE risk for Supermajor
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