With geopolitical influences impacting global energy markets, 2022 saw LNG increase in strategic importance to unprecedented levels. Plant availability is more critical than ever as a gas hungry Europe places increasing energy reliance on LNG infrastructure.

On-line and shutdown maintenance play a key role in providing energy security, through maximizing uptime on critical process components and systems. As early as 2006, DNV and Gaz de France recognized that mechanical and corrosion related failures accounted for approximately 65% of LNG plant incidents, and that addressing improvements in these areas would be key to the safe and efficient operations in a dramatically increasing number of LNG plants and terminals – prophetic words indeed!

The Izomax AOGV mechanical isolation system can play a major role in reducing time during planned and unplanned shutdowns, turnarounds and outages in LNG plants and terminals. Our fully engineered approach is DNV certified for use under cryogenic conditions.

In 2022 a Super-major used a cryogenic AOGV mechanical isolation system as it’s very first deployment of our technology. After a detailed evaluation of the AOGV technology and our operational procedures, the client mobilized our team for a pipe spool replacement. The entire operation was successfully performed during normal LNG terminal operation with excellent post job feedback on the suitability and ease of operation.

Engage with the team at Izomax to ensure you have our expertise at your disposal to assist with your next intervention or isolation challenge – without resorting to the risk and complexities of hot work required by traditional hot tapping techniques..


The AOGV provides positive isolation without any physical modifications or
lasting impact to the process plant.

Case studies

Case study

Cryogenic AOGV system eliminates facility shutdown

Case study

AOGV Solves Long-Term Stuck Valve Issue on Major LNG Plant