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Cecilie Torvund to Speak at ONS Technical Sessions.

Posted on: July 3rd, 2024 by Amanda Eden

ONS 2024 is just around the corner, and we are thrilled to announce that Cecilie Torvund, our Global Account Manager, will be a speaker during the ONS Technical Sessions. She will be sharing valuable insights about our AOGV, a patented technology that allows you to perform critical maintenance while keeping your process and production flow uninterrupted.

Cecilie will be the first speaker at the Brownfield Bonanza, a session dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies and innovations for optimising existing assets. It promises to be an enlightening session, so don’t miss it! The Brownfield Bonanza session starts at 10:00 on Wednesday, August 28th, in Hall 5, Room 1.

If you are curious to know more about the AOGV, the Izomax team will be available to meet you during the ONS. DM us or visit us at the IK Group booth in the center of Hall 7.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Izomax to attend the Downstream USA Conference.

Posted on: June 24th, 2024 by Amanda Eden

Our Izomax US team is thrilled to be attending the Downstream USA Conference from June 26th-27th in Galveston, Texas. Michael McCue, Matthew Fabre, Jesper Moberg, and Kristoffer Helliesen Ueland will be on-site, ready to present our AOGV mechanical isolation system, answer your questions, share insights, and build relationships.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the AOGV (Add on Gate Valve) —a patented technology that reduces downtime by inserting an isolation spade on a live flanged connection. Say goodbye to shutdowns and postponed maintenance! With Izomax, you can perform critical maintenance while keeping your process and production flow uninterrupted. 

Visit our booth 725 or DM our team to grab a coffee and talk about the latest advancements and solutions in isolation technology. We look forward to engaging in exciting discussions about our innovative tool and how it provides positive isolation while maintaining system integrity, allowing you to perform maintenance or modifications without downtime.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the Downstream USA Conference!

Employee Spotlight – Lynne Lyon

Posted on: June 10th, 2024 by Amanda Eden

As we gear up for the Isolation Tech Day in Aberdeen this week, we’re excited to continue our Employee Spotlight series.

Today, we invite you to an insightful conversation with Lynne Lyon, the driving force behind Izomax’s Sales in the UKCS market. If you’re attending the Isolation Tech Day this year, be sure to connect with Lynne to discover how our innovative solutions are transforming the UKCS region. She’ll be delighted to meet you.

Tell us about your background and how you entered the oil and gas industry. Can you share some insights into your role as the UK Sales Manager for Izomax?

I joined the oil and gas industry as an economics graduate, initially in an operations role for a specialist engineering company that delivers innovative downhole solutions to the global drilling sector. I was so taken by the technology that it was only four months later that I joined the Sales team and developed into the Regional Account Manager for the UK and Europe.

Now solely focused on operations above ground level, I’m delighted to be working at the helm of innovation once again. Izomax is an exceptional technology making a positive impact in the global maintenance, turnaround and intervention sector delivering efficiencies and cost savings to its users. I spread the word about all the excellent work we’re involved in and, more so, listen to and really understand the challenges that customers are facing so we can deliver safe, robust, and durable solutions.   

With Izomax recently opening an office in the UK, how do you foresee this strategic expansion enhancing your ability to serve the UKCS market and drive business growth in the region?

We’ve built a strong track record within the UKCS market, and having a regional presence here in Aberdeen, in the heart of the oil and gas market, is a fantastic next step. Complemented by workshop space, there are already plans afoot to deliver our first AOGV demonstration day, which will bring together many of the UKCS market players under one roof and further make our mark.
I look forward to sharing more details soon and with significant projects already in discussions, I am excited for the future.

Given the critical importance of safety in managing ageing assets in the North Sea, how does Izomax’s AOGV mechanical isolation system enhance safety protocols and ensure the integrity and longevity of these vital infrastructures?

The safe and successful execution of the AOGV technology starts long before the actual operation. Our close-knit team of operations, engineering and commercial departments work closely to understand the operating environment and the challenges presented so that a safe and robust solution is delivered. We take great pride in delivering autonomy to the maintenance sector, as the AOGV can be operated without disrupting process flow, offering flexibility to schedules so that critical intervention and shutdowns needn’t be postponed, reducing the risk of unwanted incidents while increasing asset uptime.

Izomax is co-hosting Isolation Tech Day next week in Aberdeen, an event featuring presentations and live demonstrations of cutting-edge isolation technologies. As a speaker for Izomax at this event, what key messages will you highlight?

We’re extremely excited to host Aberdeen’s inaugural Isolation Tech Day alongside collaborators Valvetight and IKM Testing this Thursday, June 13th, 2024. Izomax and speakers will share insights into their latest technologies, showcasing alternatives to hot tap and stopple. The event will include notable use cases of each isolation technology and how each company is pushing the boundaries to deliver safe and efficient solutions to the market. It will be a great chance to network with a live panel discussion addressing market challenges and questions.  

In a market where downtime can result in significant financial losses, how does Izomax differentiate itself from competitors in terms of providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for maintenance and repairs in the UKCS?

To reiterate, I really do think the power of delivering greater autonomy to operators’ schedules is what places Izomax ahead of the rest. Time is of critical importance, and being able to carry out critical intervention when you need it, outside of turnaround schedules, means that risks can be avoided and system integrity upheld. The AOGV is a solution that leaves the pipe as found, so you also avoid the timely and costly implications that come with traditional solutions.
Izomax are making the impossible, possible and is changing the way the industry approaches critical intervention scopes and the story doesn’t end there. We are delivering the real-time savings for tie-in and decommissioning scopes, mirroring the ever changing needs of the industry.

AOGV technology enables tie-ins for carbon capture without the need to shut down – safely and cost-efficiently.

Posted on: June 5th, 2024 by Amanda Eden

During AOG (Australian Oil and Gas) earlier this year and in subsequent conversations with prospective clients in the Australian market, we heard a broad alignment in attitude – recognition that as an industry, we all need to do more, or we will lose our “social license” to operate.

This is being reinforced nationally by the 2022 Australian climate bill and associated Safeguard Mechanism, which clearly outline targets to help increase compliance and, wherever possible, minimize or mitigate carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

As a result, rapid adoption of newer energy solutions, such as carbon capture, is needed.

From an infrastructure perspective, this means tie-ins are required to install newer, more efficient equipment or to allow integration of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) related equipment as part of plant modification.

Tie-in operations for CCUS typically involve the integration of CCUS equipment on production systems or utilities, and in most cases, common practice involves full or partial system shutdown. Where possible, tie-in work is scheduled to coincide with a planned shutdown, allowing for improved planning and minimizing downtime. However, in many instances, shutdowns or turnarounds are planned at four-year intervals, a frequency which may not fit the tie-in requirement for upgrading the facility and lead to severe commercial impacts on the project.

As a result, aging plants, whether offshore, onshore, Oil, gas, LNG or chemical processing, often have a common denominator; the cost of upgrading can be prohibitive.

Clearly, this topic is not relevant only to Australia; it extends across the energy sector globally, and industrial giants such as MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) are exploring it.

A recent case study by MHI, entitled Reducing CO2 emissions while realizing long-term use and cost savings, states that “A series of LNG plants were built around the world in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of these plants, especially larger ones (1 MTPA and above), use gas turbines for the refrigeration compressors in the liquefaction process. While LNG is a more cleaner energy alternative, it can still create emissions from fuel gas combustion, flaring and venting, fugitive emissions and plant upsets. This creates multiple sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the LNG production chain”.

With aging infrastructures requiring modernization to meet modern-day energy requirements, coupled with prohibitive costs to rectify the issue, it’s clear that a solution is needed.

The AOGV (Add On Gate Valve) mechanical isolation system is a game changer in addressing this.

AOGV provides positive isolation while maintaining system integrity, meaning it’s possible to execute tie-ins on utilities and production systems outside of shutdowns.

In a project for a Norwegian customer, a platform tie-in was evaluated, and the outcome was a step change for tie-in planning.  Utilizing the AOGV positive isolation system, the tie-ins are now being performed without any downtime or system shutdowns.

AOGV’s full isolation capabilities extend beyond tie-ins, and to date, AOGV has been proven in over 160 projects across four continents for over 25 customers.

AOGV is suitable for projects wherever flanged piping is in place, meaning leaking valves, gaskets, inefficient cooling systems or process plants can be rectified immediately, without shutdown. As a result, the AOGV mitigates or minimizes the need for draining, venting, purging and flushing in most instances.

Once a project is complete, the AOGV tools are simply removed, returning the plant to its original condition (but with new valves, gaskets, or tie-in equipment) or as new state. As a bonus, hot work is not required using AOGV systems.

Given that the driving factor behind tie-ins for CCSU modifications is the positive impact on sustainable energy production, we (Izomax) have partnered with experts Climateadvisor AS to determine and drive our own carbon footprint. Through this process, we engaged Terravera to model the carbon footprint of AOGV with mathematically verified digital twins, so we have clear data and benchmarks. From this input, we can develop and activate strategies to help make positive steps with our own footprint.

Our technology has an excellent track record, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional interventions.

If you are engaged in plant or process modifications onshore or offshore, then our team are on hand to discuss and help you plan and execute interventions without a shutdown. Please get in touch.

Izomax make strategic commitment to Aberdeen with first UK office and Sales Manager.

Posted on: May 14th, 2024 by Amanda Eden
  • Norwegian company Izomax opens first UK office in Aberdeen and appoints Lynne Lyon as Sales Manager
  • The appointment signifies regional investment by Izomax into the UKCS sector
  • Local office gives Aberdeen clients direct access to AOGV products and mock-up tests

Izomax, a mechanical isolation specialist, has strategically invested in Aberdeen, with the opening of a new office and appointment of Lynne Lyon as Sales Manager.

Lynne Lyon appointed as Sales Manager.

The company, which is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, is the inventor of the AOGV (Add On Gate Valve), a patented mechanical isolation system. AOGV, unlike traditional isolation technologies, allows customers to safely isolate process segments for inspection, maintenance, or repair without a shutdown.

The tool was developed in 2016 and has a proven track record of 160 completed jobs for 24 different customers across four continents.

Izomax wants to bring that value to UKCS customers. To address this, Izomax has opened an office in the Blackburn Business Park, Aberdeen and appointed Lynne Lyon as Sales Manager.

Lynne has 12 years of experience in sales, with much of her career dedicated to delivering technical solutions to the downhole drilling industry in the UK and Europe. Lynne has a passion for delivering industry first technology and was latterly responsible for managing commercial contracts for IT services.

Talking of her appointment Lynne said: “I’m delighted to be working with Izomax to bring AOGV to the UKCS. Izomax is a fast paced, driven and ambitious company, with a fantastic reputation and track record. The AOGV is a game-changer in isolation and while the technology has already been used for projects in the UKCS, I really hope to extend our operations and deliver great results for our clients.”

Jesper Veidung Moberg, Managing Director / Vice President Izomax AS, said: “Aberdeen and the UKCS are key strategic focuses for us. With maturing assets in the North Sea, asset maintenance and integrity are critical issues for the Aberdeen market. We firmly believe that AOGV will help customers improve efficiency, safety and achieve maintenance execution without the need for shutdown – ultimately helping their bottom line.

“Establishing a local presence brings us closer to our customers and gives us an opportunity to showcase AOGV and deliver mock-up tests in proximity, adding further value to our UK client base.

“I’m delighted to have opened an Aberdeen office and warmly welcome Lynne to the team.”

Izomax currently employs 52 people worldwide, with offices in Stavanger (Norway), Perth (Australia), Houston (America) and Aberdeen (UK).

About Izomax

Izomax is the creator of the unique AOGV (Add On Gate Valve) mechanical isolation system, providing positive isolation without the need for hot-work, shutdowns or downtime. Their products allow safe, cost-effective repairs and modifications on platforms, FPSO’s, LNG terminals, processing plants and refineries onshore and offshore across the globe. The Izomax customer-base includes NOC’s, Super-majors and independent energy companies. Izomax is an independent company in the IK Group.

Isolation Tech Day: explore the latest advancements and solutions in isolation technology.

Posted on: May 6th, 2024 by Amanda Eden

Engagement, innovation, and dependability are our values, and we constantly look for ways to live those.

With a new Aberdeen office and Lynne Lyon, Sales Manager UK, joining the team earlier this year, we wanted to create an opportunity for the local Aberdeen market to focus on isolation technology. The Isolation Tech Day was born!

Hosted by Izomax, in collaboration with IKM Testing and Valvetight, this event, on Thursday, June 13th, at the Chester Hotel, Aberdeen, aims to open the floor to discussion on the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of isolation technology.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies

At the core of Isolation Tech Day are the presentations and demonstrations showcasing cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing isolation practices. Representatives from Izomax, Valvetight, and IKM Testing will share their respective innovations, offering insights into the practical applications and benefits of their solutions.

·Lynne Lyon and Svein Tore Milwertz from Izomax will present “Impossible Isolations: Maximizing Maintenance Efficiency with the AOGV”.

·Jeroen Pronk from Valvetight will share “Double Block and Vacuum: Safe Working Behind Leaking Valves with Valvetight DBB-SAVER.”

·Barry Andrews from IKM Testing will present “IKM Testing’s Safe Freeze ® Isolation Technology”. 

The speakers will also take part in a collective panel discussion, where pertinent topics and questions will be addressed by both the facilitator and the audience. This will give everyone an opportunity to engage in the topic and discussion.

Engaging Experiences

Beyond presentations, Isolation Tech Day gives everyone the opportunity to connect in person with demonstrations and manned stalls. Attendees can learn more about the technologies showcased, gaining a deeper understanding of their functionalities and track record in the UKCS and globally.

Fostering Collaboration and Networking

A key component of the day is networking. Whether discussing best practices, exploring potential collaborations, or simply exchanging insights, we hope everyone will have ample opportunities to connect with peers and local industry experts.

Looking Ahead

As hosts of Isolation Tech Day 24, Izomax, IKM Testing, and Valvetight are committed to driving continuous improvement and innovation within the energy sector. With ageing assets in the North Sea, safe isolation continues to play a critical role. By facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration, we aim to ensure everyone is up to date on the technology available and the benefits it can deliver to their operations. 

Join Us

Isolation Tech Day will be an informative, insightful, and engaging experience for all attendees. So, we invite you to save the date (June 13th) and join us at the Chester Hotel in Aberdeen as we look to shape the future of isolation technology. 

Employee Spotlight – Paul MacFarlane

Posted on: March 5th, 2024 by Amanda Eden

Over the past decade, the APAC region has undeniably become a key player in the global energy market. As we gear up for the exciting AOG Energy event in Perth next week, we’re thrilled to kick off our Employee Spotlight series. Today, we invite you to join us for an insightful conversation with Paul MacFarlane, the driving force behind Izomax’s Business Development in Australia, Eastern, and Southeast Asia. If you’re attending the AOG Energy this year, be sure to connect with Paul to discover how our AOGV is revolutionising the APAC Region. He’ll be delighted to meet you.

Tell us about yourself, and please give us a rundown of your career path up to this point.

My career has centred around Oil & Gas, from the installation phase of Woodside’s North Rankin A platform in the early 80s and subsequently through the growth phases to the dynamic and exciting industry it is today. My experience covers MMO upstream and downstream, together with offshore subsea construction specialities. What a great career it’s been – and it is amazing that now, with Izomax, it’s more exciting than ever. 

Can you share some insights into your role as a business development manager for the APAC region, and what specific challenges and opportunities do you encounter in this dynamic market? 

With Izomax presenting game-changing technology to clients who need breakthrough solutions, the Business Development challenge is quite unique. Some clients have recognised the benefits of the AOGV earlier than others, and they are powering ahead with projects that solve real problems and deliver very significant savings. Other companies need not only a technical introduction to the AOGV but also the range of important benefits it can provide. Making the impossible now possible is shaking the foundations of shutdown planning and delivering terrific solutions for operators. 

Can you highlight any projects in the APAC region that you have been involved in, and how have these experiences contributed to the growth of Izomax in the area? 

One of our Australian LNG Clients has moved quickly from tentative trial solutions to now being our 2nd biggest client globally. Their CPF offshore in the Timor Sea and, now, their Darwin LNG base are solving plant problems that once were unsolvable except during extended plant shutdowns. 

In the context of sustainability and environmental considerations, how does Izomax contribute to responsible practices in the oil and gas industry, particularly in the APAC region? 

The AOGV tool allows intervention at any flange pair, and as such, isolating pressurised spools or equipment immediately adjacent absolutely minimises the release, treatment, or disposal of hydrocarbon or chemical inventory. There is a huge saving in dollars – but more importantly, it’s a huge environmental benefit. 

In your perspective, what are the current trends and future prospects for the oil and gas industry in Australia, East and Southeast Asia, and how is Izomax positioned to capitalise on these trends? 

No matter which way you view natural gas—as a base load generator or as a transition fuel—there will be operating oil and gas plants for a very long time. The maintenance and support of these plants will be even more critical in the future, and this is where the AOGV can best be applied. 

How do you navigate and adapt to the diverse regulatory environments across Australia, East, and Southeast Asia in your role, ensuring compliance and successful business operations? 

Izomax works within the operating auspices of its Client organisations – so in essence, we help them comply with ever-changing legislative criteria. Because the AOGV tool can deliver benefits not on offer previously, we can help our clients meet ever-tougher operating and fiscal challenges.