23 October 2023 Norway

Revolutionizing Brownfield modifications: The AOGV Mechanical Isolation Tool

In the ever-evolving Oil and Gas sector, efficiently modifying brownfield sites is paramount. A major challenge has been ensuring that the installation of a new module does not interfere excessively with a site’s existing and ongoing production. The AOGV mechanical isolation tool – is a game-changer in reducing downtime during critical modifications.

The Problem with traditional methods: Traditionally, installing new modules on existing structures necessitates comprehensive modifications to current infrastructure. This often translates to the installation of new pipework, valves, and blind flanges. These modifications are usually executed during planned or unplanned shutdown/turnarounds, a practice that can lead to substantial downtime and reduced productivity.

The AOGV Solution: The AOGV mechanical isolation tool offers an innovative solution, allowing for these preparatory modifications to be executed online. This negates the need for a production stop and optimizes the entire process. Instead of adding temporary valves during a production halt, the AOGV mechanical isolation tool facilitates the direct replacement of a blind flange with a pipe spool, all while the system is operational, pressurized, and containing product.

Functional dynamics of the AOGV: This patented and DNV certified tool is meticulously designed for setting and retracting a blind spade in flanges on a pressurized process system. The strategic placement of the spade/skillet, or even multiple spades, enables seamless replacement of essential components like valves or pumps. The tool can also aid in providing positive isolations of a vessel for safe entry and inspection, ensuring continuous operation of the primary process.

AOGV in a typical hook-up scenario: The AOGV mounts directly onto the existing pipe flange fitted with a blind flange. Once mounted, the blind flange is replaced with an AOGV blind spade, the new spool is attached, the blind spade is retracted, and the flanges are secured. All these processes are achieved while ensuring the production system remains pressurized and functional.

Experience: The mechanical isolation tool AOGV have been used all over the world on many different line mediums, pressures up to 200 bar / 2900 psi and temperatures ranging from cryogenic LNG to system with +200C / 400⁰F.  Applications include Tie-in, replacement of modules, valves or other pipework and providing positive isolation for regular maintenance work.

Conclusion: The AOGV mechanical isolation tool is not just another addition to the brownfield modification toolkit; it’s a revolutionary approach that ensures safe, efficient execution while maintaining productivity and a great alternative to the traditional hot tapping technology. As industry professionals, leveraging this technology could redefine how we view and manage brownfield modifications in the future.