27 February 2023 Australia

Izomax mobilizes for isolation campaign offshore Western Australia.

In the latest example of the global uptake of Izomax technology, this week we mobilized three AOGV mechanical isolation systems for a campaign in Western Australia. Izomax designed and built to order a total of 7 tons of equipment, which left Stavanger the last week of February 2023 on route to an offshore FPSO in Australia for one of our largest clients. The tools consist of two standard AOGV’s, a DN600 class 150  (24”), a DN25 class 150 (1”) and a DN 250 class 150 (10”) AOGV, purpose built for the direct replacement of wafer type butterfly valves in live systems. The equipment was designed, manufactured, tested and certified prior to mobilization. Two of the tools have also been designed to meet criteria for use on Glass fiber Reinforced Epoxy piping, which is used in the cooling water system onboard.

To learn more about how our AOGV can facilitate change out of your faulty butterfly valves while your system remains live.