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We are at Downstream USA 2023!

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Come and see us at Downstream USA on June 7th-8th at the Galveston Island Convention Centre, TX, USA, on stand #625. 

Our experts; Izomax VP, Rune Sele, Regional Sales and Operations Manager, Mike McCue, and Business Development Manager, Kenneth Låtveit, will be on-hand to showcase how we keep our customers processes flowing, enabling safe execution of planned or unplanned maintenance and modifications – without downtime. 

We can’t wait to see you there!

Read more about Downstream here.

Welcome to the opening
of the Izomax Houston office!

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We are pleased to invite you to the official opening of the Izomax Houston office. Check out our new facility and the innovative AOGV Mechanical Isolation System. Meet with our team of experts and join us for crawfish, BBQ, and plenty of cold beverages.
We can’t wait to see you there!

  • Date: Friday, June 9th
  • Time: noon – 6 pm
  • Address: Izomax, 4482B Genoa Red Bluff, Houston, TX 77059, USA

RSVP via the registration box below.

Employee Spotlight – Anne Bergsagel

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Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Anne Bergsagel, Operations Support Manager for Izomax.  I am based in Stavanger, although I was born and raised on an island called Hundvåg right outside Stavanger City. 

Outside of work, I have always had an interest in handball.  I don’t play now, but I am still involved in the sport as a coach for my daughters’ team.  I love spending time with my family and our friends, we get to spend a lot of time together on the side of the handball or football pitches as all three of our children play those sports.  During winter, my family and I enjoy downhill skiing and visiting the beautiful islands surrounding the fjords of Stavanger during the summer time.

Tell me about background and your career so far

I studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Stavanger, but it isn’t until you’re in industry that you then learn the most.  After graduating I got my first job at Baker Hughes as an Engineering Trainee.  That first year of my career I was given the opportunity to work in the workshop, travel offshore, travel abroad, and follow projects in the office. I was able to get the full picture of the job, and everything needed to get a project completed. After a couple of years as a project manager I started as a Team leader and then eventually I took on the role as an Operations Manager for the completions department.  I was so lucky to be given the chance to experience various roles and departments within the company, and it has really shaped my skillset going forward.

I now work for izomax, which was the AOGV Business Area within IK-Group and in January 2023, became an independent company, izomax, but we are still fully owned by IK-Group. I started working as a Project Manager when I moved on as an Operation Manager.

 You’re an Operation Support Manager at izomax, what does that role entail?

I am responsible for the Workshop, QHSE, HR and Supply chain of Izomax. I work closely together with the Operations Manager and the organization to make the jobs go as smoothly as possible. I have to make sure the workshop and our Project Managers have all they need when they need it for the operational tasks.

With the launch of Izomax in January, I was involved in all the planning work and execution strategy that is required for becoming an independent company, which has been very exciting. Typical responsibilities include; ensuring the ERP system is working as intended, improving the way of work and how we work, efficiency, organising resource needs and facilities, new hires, policies and procedures and arranging travels.  You could say every day is different and also very busy!

What sort of problems do your clients usually have that you can assist with?

Almost every customer contacts us because they want to do repair or maintenance jobs, but they do not want to shut down their production.  They do not want to do it during their turnarounds, because they have already planned for the turnaround and something has occurred that they did not plan for and they don’t have time to do it then.  Therefore, they’re looking for a solution that will allow them to carry out the work safely but without continuing the shutdown.

Usually these regular problems are leakages, or nearly-leakages which are mostly in valves or flange connections. We also have cases where the thickness of the pipe wall totally corroded and in one case the thickness was down to 0.5mm!

What are the consequences if they don’t find a solution?

Safety is always the first consequence, but then it’s normally always time and money which go together.  They would have to shut down, stop the production and then do the maintenance or replacement work.  It could be a leaking valve which needed to be replaced and instead of isolating that part because they don’t have that opportunity, they need to shut down the whole line. They need to bleed down the pressure in the system and empty the system. Usually, it’s hydrocarbons so you need to purge or flush that out which also has big environmental impacts too.  Then they need people to remove the bolts and valves and usually it’s big and heavy, so that requires a lifting arrangement. Everything needs to be in place for this and everything takes time offshore.

How do izomax help solve their problem?

Normally the client contacts us and sends us the case with some pictures. We conduct internal discussions on how we can solve the problem using our revolutionary AOGV – Mechanical Isolation Tool. Together with the customer we agree on the way forward. Normally we travel to survey and scan the location to verify the AOGV design will fit as is, or if we need to make some design modifications. From then, we agree on the way forward with the best solution and how to proceed.  We have some really interesting animations which really go in depth about how the tool works and process involved.  If you like technical things then I would suggest giving them a watch!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In 10 years, I do believe Izomax will be a big player in this market and will continue to grow internationally. For now, I’m really excited for everything that I get to be part of. I’m lucky to be part of building a new company and seeing it grow. I cannot wait so see what the future brings for this company and the amazing team working here.

Izomax inks deal with iQubeS

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Izomax inks deal with iQubeS for implementation of the full suite of their Business Online management & collaboration software solution. 

With most large oil and gas companies on our client list, it is important to us to have an management system that helps us facilitate safe operations, quality of our deliveries and not least comply with laws and standards that apply to the external environment, processing of sensitive information and fair treatment of employees. “Business Online will help us gather all our operational activities in one place and achieve a seamless flow of information between our employees, departments and locations and we look forward to a long and good collaboration with iQubeS.” says Anne Bergsagel, Operation Support Manager, Izomax

Rebecca Hansen, Business Development Manager at iQubes and Anne Bergsagel of Izomax

Izomax takes unique mechanical isolation technology worldwide

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The demand for the patented and proven AOGV technology has led the IK Group to launch Izomax – a wholly owned but separate company dedicated to providing this unique solution to the international market.

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The AOGV isolation technology lets customers mitigate downtime across the full spectrum of shutdown, turnaround, and outages whilst maintaining system integrity. This allows process flow to continue. Positive isolation is provided without hot-work at facilities and plants both onshore and offshore.

120+ successful jobs

Already the AOGV technology has been successfully used on more than 120 jobs worldwide allowing safe, cost-effective repairs and modifications on platforms, FPSO’s, LNG terminals, processing plants and refineries.


The Izomax customers include NOCs, Super-majors, and independent energy companies. Izomax is based in Stavanger, Norway with subsidiaries in Perth Australia and Houston USA.

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The IK Group

Brilliant engineering is the DNA of the IK Group. With headquarters in Stavanger, Norway, the company is focused on making operations run safely and profitably onshore and offshore, topside, and subsea. With the clever use of proven technology, they have solved some of our industry’s most complex challenges.

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Izomax awarded PO for a 12” class 2500 AOGV

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Izomax has been awarded a new PO from a multinational oil company for the delivery of a custom built AOGV unit. The client, one of our largest, will this time use the AOGV Mechanical Isolation Technology to prevent having to shutdown in connection with planned maintenance of a gas compressor. The AOGV, which will be one of the heaviest to date, will be used to perform positive isolation on a system with an operating pressure of 210 bar/3000psi.

“We are extremely proud to receive yet another PO from this important client and are eager to get started on this very exciting project” says Simon Hus, Izomax Project Manager,

Izomax mobilizes for isolation campaign offshore Western Australia.

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In the latest example of the global uptake of Izomax technology, this week we mobilized three AOGV mechanical isolation systems for a campaign in Western Australia. Izomax designed and built to order a total of 7 tons of equipment, which left Stavanger the last week of February 2023 on route to an offshore FPSO in Australia for one of our largest clients. The tools consist of two standard AOGV’s, a DN600 class 150  (24”), a DN25 class 150 (1”) and a DN 250 class 150 (10”) AOGV, purpose built for the direct replacement of wafer type butterfly valves in live systems. The equipment was designed, manufactured, tested and certified prior to mobilization. Two of the tools have also been designed to meet criteria for use on Glass fiber Reinforced Epoxy piping, which is used in the cooling water system onboard.

To learn more about how our AOGV can facilitate change out of your faulty butterfly valves while your system remains live.

Izomax welcomes all to a new AOGV Webinar to launch on March 15th-2023

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Need to know more about the AOGV Mechanical Isolation System? Please join our new Webinar to learn more about how the unique AOGV system can provide positive isolation whilst maintaining system integrity – allowing process flow to continue. We will share real life examples of how your planned or unplanned maintenance or modifications can take place off the critical path – without downtime. Follow this link to the event.

Izomax receives PO for custom build AOGV

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Izomax has been awarded a new PO from a multinational oil company for the delivery of a custom built AOGV. The customer has previously ordered and successfully used multiple custom-built mechanical isolation systems. Based on repeated success with Izomax, the customer has ordered a new system to be made available for future operational issues that may be arise. The system, a 16” class 1500 AOGV for an operation pressure of 140 Barg will be designed, manufactured and certified before being stored in preparedness for the customer. The tool will serve as an extra barrier to avoid the use of isolation plugs and unnecessary shutdowns of the gas-export system to Europe

Ansatte jobber.

Izomax opens first US location in Houston, TX.

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IK Group is pleased to announce the opening of Izomax’ first U.S location. Izomax is increasing its global presence to meet customer demand, with the Houston facility ensuring optimal customer satisfaction while offering supply and expertise closer to our customers. The new facility houses both offices and workshops, located at 4482 Genoa Red Bluff, close to several of our downstream customers. Mike McCue, Izomax sales & operations manager for the U.S. is currently preparing the workshop for operations.