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Employee Spotlight – Paul MacFarlane

Posted on: March 5th, 2024 by Amanda Eden

Over the past decade, the APAC region has undeniably become a key player in the global energy market. As we gear up for the exciting AOG Energy event in Perth next week, we’re thrilled to kick off our Employee Spotlight series. Today, we invite you to join us for an insightful conversation with Paul MacFarlane, the driving force behind Izomax’s Business Development in Australia, Eastern, and Southeast Asia. If you’re attending the AOG Energy this year, be sure to connect with Paul to discover how our AOGV is revolutionising the APAC Region. He’ll be delighted to meet you.

Tell us about yourself, and please give us a rundown of your career path up to this point.

My career has centred around Oil & Gas, from the installation phase of Woodside’s North Rankin A platform in the early 80s and subsequently through the growth phases to the dynamic and exciting industry it is today. My experience covers MMO upstream and downstream, together with offshore subsea construction specialities. What a great career it’s been – and it is amazing that now, with Izomax, it’s more exciting than ever. 

Can you share some insights into your role as a business development manager for the APAC region, and what specific challenges and opportunities do you encounter in this dynamic market? 

With Izomax presenting game-changing technology to clients who need breakthrough solutions, the Business Development challenge is quite unique. Some clients have recognised the benefits of the AOGV earlier than others, and they are powering ahead with projects that solve real problems and deliver very significant savings. Other companies need not only a technical introduction to the AOGV but also the range of important benefits it can provide. Making the impossible now possible is shaking the foundations of shutdown planning and delivering terrific solutions for operators. 

Can you highlight any projects in the APAC region that you have been involved in, and how have these experiences contributed to the growth of Izomax in the area? 

One of our Australian LNG Clients has moved quickly from tentative trial solutions to now being our 2nd biggest client globally. Their CPF offshore in the Timor Sea and, now, their Darwin LNG base are solving plant problems that once were unsolvable except during extended plant shutdowns. 

In the context of sustainability and environmental considerations, how does Izomax contribute to responsible practices in the oil and gas industry, particularly in the APAC region? 

The AOGV tool allows intervention at any flange pair, and as such, isolating pressurised spools or equipment immediately adjacent absolutely minimises the release, treatment, or disposal of hydrocarbon or chemical inventory. There is a huge saving in dollars – but more importantly, it’s a huge environmental benefit. 

In your perspective, what are the current trends and future prospects for the oil and gas industry in Australia, East and Southeast Asia, and how is Izomax positioned to capitalise on these trends? 

No matter which way you view natural gas—as a base load generator or as a transition fuel—there will be operating oil and gas plants for a very long time. The maintenance and support of these plants will be even more critical in the future, and this is where the AOGV can best be applied. 

How do you navigate and adapt to the diverse regulatory environments across Australia, East, and Southeast Asia in your role, ensuring compliance and successful business operations? 

Izomax works within the operating auspices of its Client organisations – so in essence, we help them comply with ever-changing legislative criteria. Because the AOGV tool can deliver benefits not on offer previously, we can help our clients meet ever-tougher operating and fiscal challenges.